Vehicle and Fleet Tracking with GPS

Vehicles are always moving, making it hard to keep track of where they are, where they’ve been and what is happening with them.

Global Fleet Management is working to help you have better information, control and knowledge about where your fleet vehicles are.

Benefits of Fleet Vehicle Tracking with GPS:

  • Real-time visibility
  • Cut fuel costs
  • Optimized routing
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Increase productivity

Main Features:

a. Real-time visual mapping - view the location of your trucks in real-time, as well as their current status: engine working hours, if they have stopped, stop and trip duration, distance, etc. Receive immediate e-mail or SMS alert when our vehicles are close to their destination.

b. GPS tracking reports – to increase your fleet productivity and streamline your operations, download customizable fleet vehicles activity reports:

  • Detailed trips, stops
  • Engine working hours
  • Mileage and mileage by state
  • Speeding
  • Fuel consumption

c. GPS tracking alerts - receive instant notifications to email or cell phone if your vehicle is:

  • Close to its destination
  • Speeding or idling excessively
  • Starting a new trip
  • Close to a certain landmark – as your client, warehouse, etc..
  • Being operated off-hours or on weekends
  • Had PTO engaged

d. Remote immobilizer - track and immobilize your vehicles right from your computer.