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Global Fleet Management announces major expansion to 3G, HSPA, CDMA and Inmarsat networks

Published March 13, 2012 08:45

Global Fleet Management, a leading GPS Tracking and fleet management solutions provider to organizations in transportation, construction and service-based industries, announced today a launch of the new line of GPS Tracking hardware and expansion of coverage to 3G, HSPA and CDMA networks.

The company partnered with Rogers Communications to launch 3G and HSPA networks and M2M Data Smart for CDMA network launch.

Inmarsat network launch

For customers seeking a reliable real-time, two-way satellite communications for all-in-one logistics coordination (for example, transportation of goods via rail, road or sea), Global Fleet Management is launching a new generation satellite transceiver that works on Inmarsat network for truly global data communications.

The company is now starting to take pre-orders on the satellite tracking hardware supporting true real-time tracking based on Inmarsat satellite network, planned for launch at the end of March 2012.

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